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Here’s the deal. I NEED to move out. [Please read/reblog/donate.]


[Thank you everyone for the support and reblogs, let’s keep going til we hit the donation goal!!! \(OvO)// Reblogging this post is a great help to me. Thank you!!!] 

Total donation amount: $804.55 USD out of $2,500 USD. 

READ THIS PLEASE. (Abuse tw, depression tw, suicide tw.)

I NEED to move out.

I’m becoming more & more depressed. I NEED to move out, because of where I live right now, is toxic and is making me depressed. But, to move out, I need money. Sadly, I don’t have any money or a job at all, and I can’t get one, because I’m so depressed & stressed out all the time. I’m also becoming agoraphobic, because of my depression. This is my last hope. I don’t have anywhere else to go. 

My fundraiser is here. Also, you can donate by the Paypal donate button on my blog under the ‘about me’. I would like to move out in a month or two. The sooner, the better.


Thank you to everyone reblogging this. Also: thanks to iguanamouthheadfirstintowonderlandmeowstically & brightgreencrayon, the-death-of-lemonsnout, moon-princen, glubbingjellyfish, peculiarbanana, ayameshiroi, yuulru, corruptedinside, leoriwoah, cyanbutt, domoe-san, @misanthropistvenas,  for donating to me. Also, thank you to the people who donated $100 to my fundraiser. Thank you! 

I’ll post pictures (when and if) I get my new apartment.

Total donation amount: $804.55 USD out of $2,500 USD. 

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